Will I be able to keep my current phone numbers with T3 Services?

Yes. T3 will port your current numbers over to our services.

What if I have a service problem?

For any repair or service issues, please contact our Helpdesk by calling 239-333-4357 (333-HELP) or send us an email at support@t3com.net.

How do I change my contact information

If, for any reason, you need to change your primary contact information, please call 239.333.0000 x4 or send an email to support@t3com.net. Please put “Contact Change” on the subject line.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my bill?

For any billing-related questions, please call 239.333.0000 x3 or email billing@t3com.net. Please put “Billing Question” on the subject line of your email.

Approximately how long before my payment will be credited to my account

This depends on method of payment as follows.

If you are signed up with out auto-payment plan, your payment will be deducted from your credit card or bank account on file on or about the 26th of the month.

As always, please allow 5-10 business days when you send your payment through the United States Postal Service. Be sure to send your remittance slip along with your payment for proper processing of your payment when it is received at our facility. Online payments are typically processed within 2 business days. Please note, online payments may not be reflected until the next billing statement is issued.

What is the difference between local and local toll calls

A local call is a call made in your immediate geographic area. It depends on where you live, but your local service area could be your neighborhood, and extend through your city, possibly even your county. Local toll calls typically encompass greater distances than local calls, but not as great as long distance calls. Local toll calls may be within your area code or may be in a different area code. Please call our Helpdesk at 239-333-4357 (HELP) if you have specific questions.

Where do I get instructions on how to use calling features such as call forwarding or voicemail?

Instructions for all of the calling features are available on the Client Login page. You should also feel free to contact us at 239-333-4357 (HELP).