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IP Voice And Collaboration Solutions That Will Forever Change The Way You Do Business!

Mobilize Your Business

At T3, we believe that today’s businesses are looking for a provider that can deliver on the promise of a true Unified Communications solution. This is the T3 advantage. Welcome to a world of voice-enabled software apps, powerful data and reporting tools, and go-anywhere mobility, to integrate the devices and systems your company already uses.

This is UCaaS that leverages the power of smart phones, fixed phones, softphones or tablet devices with just one number, one dial plan, plus a unified set of calling and contact center features across all devices. We deliver the ability to integrate your business contacts, call histories and voicemail from any device anywhere in the world. Need to call a customer back while in Europe? Just use the app to call back stateside for free from your business line.

Record your calls

Improve sales, customer service, reduce liability and protect your business with T3’s hosted Call Recording! You can record calls from your office phones or mobile phones; easily save them, categorize them, store them, email them and replay them. Uses standard MP-3 files. Records in the Cloud, giving your mobile workers the same capability as your office team!

Enhance Your Visibility And Gain Data

T3's portal provides access to data and reporting that will help your business stay efficient. Now even SMBs can have reports and statistics to show how effective their internal call handling is. You can save time on customer interactions with screen pops, and be able to detail out how each of your call handling employees is performing. Information is the key to improving, and this system gives it to you.

Revolutionize your business

From small businesses to large enterprises, T3 has become the trusted
provider of the new standard of Unified Communications for today's
business users. Our system is reliable and simple, yet so packed with
cutting-edge features that customers are saying T3 is revolutionizing their
use of communications processes! Whether you have a multi-location
operation scattered across the globe or 10 to 1,000+ employees under the
same roof, T3 provides the most flexible, future-proof UC solution on the

Here Are Just A Few Of Our Powerful Features...

Easy-To-Use Desktop Tools

Get instant access to your most used calling features in a native web app. Access feature settings to easily control your answering rules. Manage routing, remote office, and visual voicemail from anywhere and on any device. For office managers and admins, the T3 portal provides full-featured access to control features such as Auto Attendants, Call Queues and Time Schedules.

Auto Attendant And Custom Call Routing

With every T3 implementation, we customize the call routing to fit your company needs. Time of Day settings ring departments as needed, based on whether you are in operation or closed. Auto Attendants can be set in a tiered-level system to route calls by extension dialing, name dialing, IVR and transferring with a prompt.

Advance Your Business With T3's ACD Feature

T3's Call Queue is not simply the Hunt Group that you knew in the past. The advanced Call Queue in T3's solution allows even small to medium businesses to improve the experience of their customers on incoming calls, as well as gain valuable reporting metrics that will tell the you how your team performs.

Available T3 Features*

• T3 Mobility
• Mobile & iPad Integration
• Click-to-Dial
• Web-Based Dashboard
• Desktop Call Control Toolbar
• Microsoft® Outlook® Integration
• Drag and Drop Conferencing
• Unified Messaging w/Visual
• Voicemail
• Instant Messaging and Presence
• One Number Rings All Devices
• Virtual Call Center*
• Advanced Call Center Analytics*
• Front Desk Receptionist Console
• CRM Integration*
• Call Notification Screen Pops
• HD Audio Conferencing*
• One-to-One Video Capabilities
• Call Recording*
• Direct Inward Dial (DID)
• Caller ID w/ ID Block
• Call Transfer, Call Forwarding
• Call Waiting and Hold
• Call Trace
• Music on Hold
• Hunt Groups
• 4-Digit Station-to-Station Dialing
• Anonymous Call Rejection
• Billing Codes
• Do Not Disturb
• Flexible Auto Attendant*
• Forward to Voicemail
• Group Pickup
• Multi-Call Park*
• Permanent Per Call Block
• Priority Call
• Queues*
• Redial
• Remote Call Forward to DID
• Selective Call Forward
• Selective Call Rejection
• Speed Dial
• Transfer, Blind and Guided
• Transfer to Voice Mail
• Virtual Local Numbers
• Virtual Ring
* May require additional fees

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