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T3 TeamsConnect for HPBX

Enterprise Class Cloud PBX Within Teams

Add Functionality

Combine Microsoft Teams with the features and functionality of a true enterprise grade phone system.

Superior Support

Get live U.S.-based service and support for telephony.

Work Anywhere

Provide your customers with a completely unified communications platform, allowing them to freely work from anywhere on any device.

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Customer pain points

  • Users have two systems to manage: Teams for collaboration and a company phones for calls.
  • Using Teams for calls means switching the phone system to Microsoft: Current integration between the phone system and Teams requires expensive hardware and software.
  • Clients lack full call capability on all devices: Users cannot work remotely on PC, Mac and smartphones within Teams.
  • Separate Platforms: IT departments don’t want to manage several different communications and collaboration platforms.

T3 TeamsConnect Advantage

  • Connect your T3 extensions to Microsoft Teams users without buying hardware or software
  • Only pay for users that require the service
  • Works with Teams on PC, Mac and mobile devices
  • IT Departments can reduce the number of systems to manage by using Teams as a single platform for calls and collaboration
  • Fully secure with true native integration to Office 365
  • No workstation software to install and manage

How it works

  • Teams Connect bridges calls between your existing T3 Hosted PBX and Microsoft Teams through gateways operating in Microsoft Azure data centers
  • Microsoft Teams acts as a softphone tied to users’ existing extensions.
  • Regional, load-balanced architecture provides enterprise availability and global capability

Ideal For IT Administrators

  • Who want to provide voice and calls to Microsoft Teams users.
  • Who want to reduce number of software products to manage without compromising user features
  • Who want to use cloud services rather than capital expenditure on hardware and software
  • Who want no disruption to their existing voice and IT infrastructure

Ideal For Business Managers

  • Who want users to have increased efficiency by bringing together collaboration and calls
  • Who want to provide full communication mobility to users on PC, Mac and mobile devices
  • Who want to enable BYOD
  • Who want to have a simple subscription service without a large project and cost overhead

Compare The Options

Comparison of methods to achieve calls in Microsoft Teams
T3 Teams-Connect
Microsoft Calling Plans
SBC Direct Routing
Simple per-user subscription
No number posting required
No hardware or software required
Keep PBX call flows and groups
Keep Call Centre funcionalty
No complex PBX configuration required
Keep existing desk phones and devices
No special training or knowledge
Cost-effective for SMB
Keep existing desk phones and devices
Mix Teams and standard VOIP phones for users
Keep your current phone provider

Common Questions & Concerns

Can’t I just use Microsoft PBX features in Teams with their calling plans?

Microsoft can provide a facility to allow users to make and receive calls from Microsoft Teams. Moving to the Microsoft system requires the replacement of your entire business phone system and moving your telephone service and bill to them. While this may suit some organizations, we often find that companies are using features, devices or add-ons that the Microsoft system can’t yet provide, or in countries that Microsoft can’t service. Moving phone system and provider is often a big project and cost that companies can’t justify.

I need to keep my phone system as it is

T3 TeamsConnect is designed so you can keep your existing phone system just as it is and add Teams users one user, or group at a time. You can keep your existing handsets on the desks, any call center tools like wallboards and call reporting tools keep doing the job they are doing today. If you have specialist compliance features like call barring and call recording, that all works for Teams users just like it does for normal phone users.

Why do I need to have calls in Teams?

Bringing calling into Teams brings the productivity benefits of having all their communication tools in one place.  Users can use one software tool for everything. IT departments enjoy the efficiency of managing one software platform instead of separate collaboration, communication and phone tools for their users.

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